Trident Group is proud to provide services through Savageville Range located in Onancock, Virginia, which is approximately 63 miles from Virginia Beach. Trident Group’s goal is to offer an affordable training site to local Military, Law Enforcement and other Government agencies based on an observed gap in available and affordable training sites within driving distance from the Hampton Roads area.


In addition, Trident Group delivers advanced instruction and curriculum development through a multitude of skill sets and skill levels. Trident Group provides decades of combined Special Operations experience using SME’s in a variety of advanced tactical applications.

  • Where: 26482 Savageville Road Onancock, Virginia
  • Distance from Virginia Beach – Approximately 63 miles
  • Hours of Operation: 24/7
  • Not Open to General Public – MIL/GOV/LEA Clients Only
  • Trauma Center – 4.1 miles
  • Food and Lodging – 5 miles

Range 1 (Rifle and Pistol)

  • 150m x 60m
  • 360° berm
  • 15 Firing positions
  • Pavilion x 2

Range 2 (Rifle and Pistol)

  • 25m x 25m
  • 12 Firing positions
  • Pavilion x 2
Trident Training Center


Trident Maritime Training Center, Inc.


  • Secure and Gated ECP
  • Classroom on-site
  • Targets Stands provided for each shooting position
  • Barricade/s – (1) Standing / (1) Kneeling
  • AR Steel x (2)
  • 4 Gong Stand
  • Fire and Movement Capable
  • 3 Pepper Poppers
  • Port O Potty (1)


  • Caliber – .22 up to 7.62 / .308; variations are available on request
  • No Tracer
  • No AP on steel


  • Exclusive use of training site = Call for pricing
  • Multi-Day Use rates available on request
  • Annual-Use contracts available on request
  • Training Development and Delivery Available on Request
  • Support Personnel – RSO, Medical and OPFOR available on request

The Trident Group is recognized as the US Market Leader in Maritime Security Operations World-Wide. The Trident Group’s Maritime Technology and Maritime Training Divisions go above and beyond the industry standards by hiring the best in their fields. All Trident Group instructors are Subject Matter Experts in all areas of Maritime Security and Training to include Advanced Firearms and Tactics. The Trident Group instructors bring current real world experience that can only come from conducting maritime security and combat operations worldwide.

*All of Trident Group’s training courses are taught by Subject Matter Experts in their fields and are both NRA Certified Instructors and NRA Range Safety Officers.

CALL or EMAIL for Availability and Pricing

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