Trident Group Mission Statement
ISO CertificationThe Trident Group is committed to providing the most comprehensive and professional global maritime security solutions through our application of unparalleled manpower, our strategic relationships,  technology, training and support of innovative maritime discoveries.

Trident Group has a current certification with ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

Trident Group Vision Statement
ISO 2800/28007To provide our clients with the confidence to conduct their business anytime and anywhere assured in the fact that the security and support of their personnel, their assets and their brand is supplied by the best in the industry.

With a proven history of service and commitment to the maritime industry, Trident Group is the leading, dedicated maritime security services corporation available to the industry today.

Trident Group entered the security market as one of the first companies to emerge, pre-9/11, for the sole purpose of maritime industry security support.  We have successfully provided Terrorist Vulnerability Assessments to ports and maritime service facilities – handling sensitive materials, such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Propane Gas.  Following effective and informative assessment operations, Trident Group has responded to several requests for grant writing support to assist maritime entities in their pursuit of awards for the purchase, implementation, and training of maritime security equipment.  To date, we have helped to secure more than $3 million in assistance from the Maritime Administration (MARAD) and other Federal maritime entities.

In addition to providing armed security and consulting services to several of the world’s largest shipping companies, Trident Group delivers the following:

– Maritime security assessments of government capabilities in North Africa
– Assessment of littoral embassies’ emergency response plans for the United States government
– Security consulting and support services for cruise lines
– Threat and vulnerability assessments for ports and harbors, liquid natural gas facilities, and propane import/export port facilities
– Targeted training for company, port, and ship security officers
– Maritime security training courses for Federal, state, and local government agencies