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Gold Shield –

Gold Shield 1811 is a corporate investigations and security consulting firm founded and operated by former FBI Agents.  The firm is comprised of highly-accomplished former US federal agents from agencies including the FBI, IRS, Secret Service, and Homeland Security, as well as other subject matter experts.  Specialties include: workplace violence prevention, financial investigations, physical security assessments, executive protection, termination support, theft investigations, forensic accounting, and background investigations.  Personnel are authorized by federal law to carry concealed firearms in all United States territories.  Gold Shield 1811 provides services throughout the United States and internationally to companies, law firms, and individuals, utilizing a vast network of assets and resources.

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Jetlease –

As the largest private aircraft leasing company in the world, JetLease has set the highest standards in private, corporate, commercial and military aviation services since 1983. Clients trust JetLease professionals to provide them with the best aircraft to fit their needs, coupled with the most aggressive financial structures available.

“JetLease will not endorse an aircraft that does not pass our scrutiny and is not priced fairly,” said Russell Dise, JetLease president. “We will not put our client in an aircraft that does not meet our stringent standards.”

JetLease remains dedicated to its customers throughout the entire purchase, sale, lease, finance and ownership process, leaving every client confident about their choices and serving them long after they take possession of their new aircraft.

Headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida, with U.S. offices in Miami , Cincinnati, Detroit, New York and Scottsdale, as well as internationally in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and China, our promise to offer long range support is assured.