The Trident Group has over 30 years of combined firearms training experience and operational knowledge to bring our customers. Operational experience, unique training areas and effective Instructors provides each student with a learning environment unmatched in the industry.

The Trident Group offers courses including, but not limited to:

Professional Development Course’s

Firearms Training
First Time Shooter
Combative Pistol/Carbine Level I and II
Home Defense
Concealed Weapons

Corporate Training
Duty of Care Program
Trident Group offers a unique hands-on approach to Duty of Care obligation covering all corporate levels from the C-Suite to Corporate frequent travelers. We provide experience based insight to help develop protocols and process for travel to Low and High Threat areas around the world.

Executive Protection
Trident Group offers Armed/Unarmed to Low/High Threat protection to personnel, families and events.

Corporate Team Building and Leadership Courses
These course are tailored to inspire team work and identify leadership with your current personnel.

Trident Group Maritime Security Operator Certification
• Asset Protection Assistance Security Service (APASS)
• Skills Validation Course (SVC)

NRA-instructor-logo NRA RSO LogoTrident Group is also skilled at developing and implementing training courses which are uniquely designed specifically for your company needs. All of our training courses are taught by Subject Matter Experts in their fields and are NRA certified Instructors and Range Safety Officers.

Trident Group is ready to receive your inquiry and design a training solution for you.


…”I had the opportunity to attend the Trident Group MSS, VSO, and APASS/SVC Courses. These courses were completely professional and made extremely interesting by the Trident Group instructor’s experience. The course curricula are very thorough but Trident Instructors did not hesitate to go back to any section so that everyone was on the same page and progressing together. The firearms training was spot on. I have been in Law Enforcement for 13 years and I felt that I got more out of the (TG) firearms course, with their instructions, than most firearms course’s I have attended as a Police Officer. I highly recommend Trident Group’s Courses to everyone interested in this kind of operation”…

~ Trident Maritime Training Center (Maritime Security) Student

…”As a new firearm owner and recent recipient of my CCP I felt that it was important to get the proper training on the weapons systems that I had purchased. I took both Pistol 1 and 2, as well as Carbine 1 from the Trident Group. I knew I was in good hands from the words “the range is hot!”. The planning, execution, and delivery of the instruction was top notch. I felt more comfortable on the weapons after spending those days with Trident Group Instructors. The Instructor’s professionalism and ability to deliver an in-depth and complete syllabus was fantastic. Trident Group Instructors made the three separate days I spent with them educational and informative while being individually interactive and fun, and most important SAFE! The level of safety from the pre-brief to the range commands made it obvious that I was in the right hands…professionals. If you are going to be a responsible gun owner, then I believe there is no better subject matter expert on firearms than Trident Group Instructors who will ensure proper training”…

~ Trident Maritime Training Center (Firearms Training) Student

“The staff at Trident Group provided some of the highest quality and realistic training pertaining to security, and maritime operations that I have taken part in since my time in the U.S. Navy. The instructor’s and staff were all highly knowledgeable in their respective specialties, and consummate professionals in the way they handle themselves. I would highly recommend Trident group for all of your training needs.”

~ Trident Maritime Training Center (Full Scope Training) Student