Trident Group provides a wide menu of Executive Protection services. These services range from simple transportation assistance and ride along to armed escort in armored vehicles. Available services are applied in accordance with clients’ needs and the level of threat existing for the period of client travel.

Trident Group also provides a pre-arrival assessment for each client tasking. Circumstances are different for each country and these conditions often change dramatically from trip to trip. The pre-arrival assessment review becomes a critical data requirement when deciding on the level of protection to select.

Executive ProtectionTrident Group provides Teams of experienced security specialists who are culturally sensitive and able to provide services with little to no footprint around the world.  We work with host nation personnel whenever possible ensuring intimate regional knowledge and access otherwise not available.

Trident Group ensures all clients requests are addressed as fully as possible considering the ever changing local laws and regulations. Please contact Trident Group Executive Operations for more detail and assistance with any questions or possible trip planning.