Trident Group offers a unique hands-on approach to Duty of Care obligation covering all corporate levels from the C-Suite to Corporate frequent travelers. We provide experience based insight to help develop protocols and process for travel to Low and High Threat areas around the world. Trident Instructors discuss real solutions to real world issues based upon Situational Awareness and Emergency Preparedness to include, but not limited to;

  • Analyze and Discuss Security and Safety Exposures to The Team During Travel.
  • Discuss Security and Safety Concerns and Possible Solutions that your Team May Immediately Utilize.
  • Discuss the Development and Implementation of Effective Travel Policies for The Team.
  • Discuss the Techniques Used to Respond to Possible Security Situations While Traveling.
  • Discuss Essential Equipment Which Should Be Carried by The Team When Traveling.
  • Discuss the Sensitivities, Vulnerabilities and Mitigation Techniques in Reference to the use of Data While Traveling.
  • Follow on situational awareness and preparedness training available.

Our goal is to provide peace of mind through preparedness and the ability to act in response to the threats presented by developing situations. Our team of seasoned professionals bring real world experience and knowledge to provide a total end to end solution.